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Inspired by the riches of the Pacific Northwest, Fairhaven offers charming coffee shops, delectable dining and artisan cocktail bars. Farm-to-table restaurants highlight local flavors and made-from-scratch dishes. Cozy cafes nestled in alleyways provide the perfect spot for fresh, gourmet brews and mouth-watering soups, sandwiches and pastries. Plus, we have a host of upscale, fine dining establishments where the chef comes out and greets you at your table. You can find the right recipe, ambiance and flavors to satisfy your cravings in Fairhaven.

You will find it very hard to be bored while in Fairhaven Village, as the district offers something for just about everyone!

In the day, enjoy the array of specialty retail shops, the public library, the Village Green, and the many scenic trails twisting through the beautiful Washington scenery, such as the South Bay and the Interurban. With Marine Park and Boulevard Park just a hop and a skip away, the outdoor opportunities are endless. And at night, the fun continues with artisan cocktail bars, local breweries, and live music streaming out of multiple venues, played by some of our many talented local bands.

If you work up an appetite while out on the town, Fairhaven also offers charming coffee shops, bakeries, and a wide variety of dining options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you’re hungry for a quick slice of pizza or want to sit down and enjoy some upscale fine dining, Fairhaven has the perfect place to satisfy any craving.

Fairhaven Village is also one of the most vibrant, friendly communities in Bellingham, Washington. The many historic buildings lend the neighborhood depth to its charm and the folks who live and work inside them are always ready with a smile. Throughout the year the village hosts an abundance of festivals and activities, such as the Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema, Dirty Dan Harris Festival, Fairhaven Festival and Winterfest – there’s certainly no shortage of things to do!