Though Fairhaven village may be small in footprint, we’re big on community. We invite you to explore our stories and see what we’ve been up to.

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2023 Fairhaven Festival

The historic village of Fairhaven hosts “Bellingham’s Biggest Street Fair” – the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend! Celebrate the athletes as they cross the finish line of the 50th annual Ski to Sea race w. a day of live entertainment, food vendors, maker’s market w....


Chicken Fest

The table is covered in chicken themed novelties: lamps, placemats and napkins. A toy “BAWKS” loudly at a late arrival. The pre-meeting chatter is a steady stream of chicken puns and low groans. We’re at the headquarters for the First Annual Fairhaven Chicken Fest,...

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Fairhaven Trees

         On the corner of Harris and 11th in the heart of Fairhaven, a family sits around the statue of J.J. Donovan, enjoying their Acme Ice Cream on the shaded bench. Passersby glance up at fluttering leaves “It’s a good day for sailing” they say, making plans...

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Fairhaven is in full summer swing

Fairhaven is in full summer swing, and we’d like to give an update on the Fairhaven arts, and what you can expect from local artists this summer. This month’s blog post is courtesy of Fairhaven’s own Southside Living Magazine. As we watch our vibrant village of...

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We all love Fairhaven

Though we all love Fairhaven, we all experience it to varying degrees. You may work in Fairhaven, or enjoy going there for dinner. Or maybe you take sunset strolls on the boardwalk and finish the night with a cocktail or an ice cream. Fairhaven has so much to...

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Sustainable business culture

Since Earth Day has come and gone, I thought it was fitting to focus on sustainability in Fairhaven for this month’s blog post. Striving for a sustainable business culture is vital for a small town like Bellingham (and Fairhaven) to succeed and stay relevant...