Fairhaven is in full summer swing, and we’d like to give an update on the Fairhaven arts, and what you can expect from local artists this summer. This month’s blog post is courtesy of Fairhaven’s own Southside Living Magazine.

As we watch our vibrant village of Fairhaven shine this summer, we delight in the pleasure of watching life come back while strolling the streets, taking in the many stores and restaurants, and getting immersed in our local art. Join us for the return of the Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Walk on July 23rd, and be sure to stop by some of our local artist galleries.

Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Walk
Our local creative spirit is ever-present in the Fairhaven Fourth Friday Art Walk held each month except the month of December from 5 pm to 8 pm. Each month we’re greeted by merchants opening their doors, treating us to entertainment, refreshments and even demonstrations and exciting new artists. Some of our artists have working studios here in Fairhaven while others have their work displayed in a gallery space. Take it all in and enjoy the color and creativity.

Whatcom Art Market
Located on 11th street in Fairhaven, the Whatcom Art Market features over 40 local artists from our community and neighboring counties. From paintings, art prints, photography and many more forms of art for visitors to see, the market provides opportunities to meet artists and purchase art and gifts. The Whatcom Art Market is a part of the Whatcom Art Guild, a nonprofit organization that provides its members the opportunity to display and sell their work in a variety of shows and at the Art Market.

Artwood Gallery
A cooperative gallery, Artwood Gallery is located in the heart of Fairhaven and features an array of woodworking art designed by a cooperative of artists.

Gallery West
Featuring American fine art and crafts along with photography from owner David Lucas, Gallery West is a great stop if you’re looking for something unique with a local vibe.

Peter James Photography Gallery
The intricate and incredible beauty of our natural surroundings is captured in each of Peter James’ photos. His deep love of and connection with nature is evident as you try to choose your favorite image and metal print.

Ben Mann Studios
A true working art studio, Ben Mann creates unique and custom art that can be seen all over our community including places in Fairhaven. Schedule an appointment to visit his studio where you can see first-hand art being created.
As we all venture out, enjoying our community and getting back to what we love to do, take a few hours on the fourth Thursday this month and meander through Fairhaven’s Fourth Friday Art Walk.

Article courtesy of Jennifer Dodge, Content Coordinator for Southside Living Magazine.

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